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Lithuanian Basketball Coach Drops Heartfelt Truth Bomb On Unsuspecting Reporter


American sports are such a business, that granting paternity leave to player to be with his newborn is fairly unusual. When it does happen, they’ll miss one regular season game, maybe.

That might be the reasoning that lead one “youngster” reporter to ask why coach Šaras Jasikevičius why he allowed one of his players to miss so much time away from the team.

In the midst of their semi-final series, center Augusto Lima has been away from the team to be with his newborn child and his wife.

Coach Jasikevičius defended his decision to grant Lima time away despite the critical time for the team.

A combination of heartfelt truth, humbling condescension, and family advocacy, Lima will certainly appreciate the ringing endorsement from his coach. The decision to let a player spend an extended period of time away from a team would be hotly debated in the United States; vilified if it were in the playoffs. Kudos to coach Jasikevičius for sticking to his guns.

Best part of the whole interview, though, is the little basketball attached to the microphone on the right. Nice touch, Lithuania.

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