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ACC Revenue Dips $30 Million For 2015-2016 Year


Clemson’s triumph in the National Championship was viewed as the icing on top for the ACC.

After a dominant postseason run, the conference was finally seen as being on par with the SEC in terms of class and caliber in football. It appears that doesn’t necessarily equal dollars an cents, though.

According to a report first filed by ESPN, the ACC saw its 2015-2016 revenue decrease from $403 million to $373 million.

The previous total was aided largely in part by an exit-fee paid by the Maryland Terrapins move to the Big Ten. The Orange Bowl also hosted the College Football Playoff this past season, which resulted in the conference not receiving that revenue. The dip in total revenue was expected by conference officials.

The conference is working on securing its own network similar to the SEC Network. They anticipate closing the gap considerably between itself and other conferences once it launches in 2019.

“We fully expect a gap with particularly the Big Ten and SEC here for a couple of years, but that’s the very reason we’ve signed to do what we’re doing.” ACC commissioner John Swofford said. “We fully expect that gap will narrow considerably when we get the channel up and running.”

The SEC reported revenue worth $584.2 million for the same time period.

The average payout for the 14 schools in the conference was $26.3 million. Clemson’s payout was worth the highest dollar amount at $27.9 million.


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