VIDEO: Cody Rhodes Slams Fan Onto Bed Of Thumbtacks For Charity

During a pro wrestling event in New Jersey, former wrestler Cody Rhodes agreed to body slam an eager fan onto a bed on thumbtacks at the fans request.
Rhodes was initially hesitant to go through with the stunt, but finally agreed if all the proceeds generated from the event went to charity. The fan agreed and Rhodes said he’d match whatever money was raised that day.
The ice bucket challenge was for charity, too.
But at least that didn’t leave your back all bloody.

The event ended up generating $1,404 for the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.
This raises a larger issue, though. Is anything acceptable as long as it is done in the name of charity? While part of the agreement to donate the sum to St. Jude’s was contingent upon the thumbtack body slam, does that mean it’s all kosher to do these kinds of things?
What if this leads to the next viral charity stunt on social media. Emergency rooms around the country will be flooded with people needing thumbtacks removed from their backs.
On the plus side, we will all be treated to some highly entertaining body slamming action, and all for a good cause. Good for Cody Rhodes for making this guys weird, twisted fantasy come true. St. Jude thanks your perversion!
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