College Football Playoff Executive Hints Coaches Are Against Expansion

For years, fans, coaches and players clamored for a system other than the BCS. They wanted a playoff. They got it. Now, the debate is whether a four team playoff is enough, or if more teams should be entered into a longer playoff.
According to the College Football Playoff executive director Bill Hancock, it is.
Hancock has been with the College Football Playoff since it’s inaugural run four years ago. He was also the executive chair of the BCS system before it was ditched in favor of the playoff format.
According to him, four is the right number of teams to include in the post-season, and that’s straight from the mouths of the coaches.
Speaking with SEC Country, he addressed the issue of playoff expansion.

“Coaches who have been in the games tell me that after the first game, their players are nicked up. Their legs are tired. They think two big time games back-to-back is plenty.”

For fans, they would like to see something more akin to the NFL playoffs, or the FCS playoffs, which take place over longer periods of time. However, the fear of the coaches and those involved in the process is that adding more high-quality teams will put undue wear and tear on the players bodies.
While fans and pundits will likely continue to debate how many teams are included in the College Football Playoff, it appears the decision is pretty well settled for those in power.
If you’re looking to have your team in the College Football Playoff, it seems that the only way for them to get in is to play better.
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