AAC Wants To Be Known As A 'Power Six' Conference Team

It wasn’t that long ago that the ‘Power Six’ conference was a term that came tumbling out of the mouths college football fans with ease.
The sixth conference was the Big East, which would eventually fold after being heavily raided by a number of other conferences.
The remnants of teams that remained for the American Athletic Conference, which retained the privilege of being an automatic qualifier in the last year of the BCS. However, that privilege was lost after the NCAA switch to the College Football Playoff format, and the AAC has languished in second-class conference purgatory ever since.
A little over a month ago, the conference released its plan to return to FBS relevance and royalty, stating its desire to part of the ‘Power Six’ conferences again.

The AAC has a long way to go to getting back to the esteem that the current power conferences hold.
The SEC, ACC, PAC 12, Big Ten, and Big 12 are all regularly ranked in the top 25. The pull in the most talented recruits from all over the country, and typically trounce the lower-level ones, like the AAC.
If they are going to change that narrative, it is going to take time, some lucky breaks, and careful planning.
As it stands, they don’t have any teams that can realistically compete for a College Football Playoff spot anytime soon. Last years divisional conference champions were Navy and Temple, so yeah, they have a long way to go.
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