Nashville Predators Coach Asks Fans To Stop Throwing Catfish On Ice

If Nashville Predators coach Peter Laviolette has a problem with fans throwing stuff on the ice, it doesn’t really seem like it. His words might have been a plea to get fans to stop engaging in the behavior, but the scripted, stilted demeanor causes it to fall short of sincerity.
Clearly reading off a card placed just off-camera, the coach never says “catfish” directly.

During Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals, the Predators fans threw any and everything they could down onto the ice. That included five catfish, hats, rally towels and t-shirts. Per NHL regulations, officials have the right to penalize a team for the fans behavior.
Nashville has come up aces on the penalty kill throughout these finals, and Penguins have been absolutely lousy. But that doesn’t mean that anybody in Nashville is going to want to take any chances.
It remains to be seen whether the rowdy Nashville fans will listen to the coach of their beloved Predators.
They seem to take their catfish toss very seriously. What will they choose to stand behind? The coach, or manufactured tradition?
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