Mayweather-McGregor On Aug. 26? Date Reserved By Mayweather Promotions

The superfight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor that has been teased for months might finally be coming close to setting a date.
It has already gotten further along than many people thought it would. McGregor has come to terms with the UFC about his guaranteed money. Talks with Mayweather are ongoing, but appear promising at this point.
According to the Las Vegas-Review Journal, the fight might be happening “sooner than you think.”
Looking ahead at the calendar, could the two fighters be scheduled to meet at the MGM Casino in Las Vegas on Aug. 26? That evening is currently reserved for a boxing card by Mayweather Promotions.
The MGM is where Mayweather has fought exclusively for the last decade of his career.
Top all of that off with the fact that Connor McGregor just posted this picture of himself on his Instagram with the caption: “Something big is coming”.

There is of course the possibility that Mayweather Promotions has the date reserved for another fight that doesn’t involve Mayweather directly. As it stands, they don’t have anything they are publicizing for that date.
The UFC has nothing scheduled for that evening either.
Could this be the date the fight actually happens? Again, nothing is official. But it appears as if the two sides are starting to work their way through the red tape and might be in the ring going toe-to-toe before too long.

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