Forbes Top 100 List Has Surprising Finish At No. 1

The Forbes Top 100 List is the time of year when we all get to look at our own bank accounts and weep. The list features many of the usual suspects, but includes a surprise at the top spot.
Last year, Taylor Swift made an unbelievable $170 million and took home the top prize. This year, she slipped all the way to No. 49 with a pathetic $44 million. How she continues to put food on the table is beyond me, and truly a testament onto itself.

Finishing in the fifth spot is Cristiano Ronaldo. He not only marks the highest paid soccer player on this list, but the highest paid athlete in general. LeBron James finished in tenth place this year.
Fourth place belongs to hip hop artist Drake. Thanks to his Summer Sixteen and Boy Meets World tours, he sees a significant jump from the 69th spot last year. Don’t expect to see him this high again next year, though. His newest album “More Life” is painfully boring and will likely hinder him from earning as much.
Finishing third is literary hit machine J.K. Rowling. She’s entering the rarefied the Stephen King stratosphere, which is to say she can write anything and people will spend money to read it and convince themselves that it’s good. Raking in $94 million, she is the highest paid writer on this list by many miles.
Second place belongs to Beyonce. Her album Lemonade was one of the best of the year and the tour sold out everywhere it went.

First place goes to the one and only Sean Combs. Diddy can thank his Bad Boy reunion tour, partnership with Ciroc vodka, and the sale of one-third of his Sean John clothing line for his sum of $130 million.
The biggest crime of all? Derrick Rose still cracks the list because he had one good season in Chicago seven years ago. He finished in 87th on the list after raking in $34.3 million.
The full list can be seen here.
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