Gordon Hayward's Wife Gives Hint On Free Agency Decision?











The NBA has succeeded in making itself a year-round sport. After the season is over, there is just as much intrigue and speculation concerning player movement and roster building.
This offseason appears as if it will be a wild one.
If you need proof, look no further than the crazed mania that ensued over this toddler’s choice of clothing.
Posting a photo of herself holding her two-year-old daughter, Utah Jazz star Gordon Hayward’s wife, Robyn, accidentally send the NBA world spiraling.
Why? Because she made everyone think her husband had already decided to play in Boston next season.

The photo has since been deleted from Robyn Haywoods Instagram profile. Though she did say that she purchased the shirt for both of her daughters around St. Patrick’s Day, and that there isn’t any meaning to it beyond that. I’m unconvinced.
Prior to making a decision to leave Miami for a return to Cleveland, Savannah Brinson sent several suggestive tweets that people dismissed as paranoia.
Haywood is expected to be a competitively pursued commodity this offseason, and his status with Utah is in a lot of jeopardy. If he eventually decided to leave the Jazz for the Celtics, this will be looked at as the first concrete hint. If he goes elsewhere or stays in Utah, everyone will feel silly for basing their hot takes off of a toddler’s shirt.
Look at her smirk in the photo, though. It kind of says, “I know something you don’t know.”
Doesn’t it?
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