Torrey Smith’s Son Asks ‘Where Did Y’all Get Me,’ Hilarious Convo Ensues

NFL wide receiver Torrey Smith recently learned just how difficult it can be to explain where children come from to your little ones.

In a string of videos on Instagram, Smith shared a hilarious and adorable conversation with his three-year-old son, TJ, that took place after TJ surprised Smith with the question, “Where did y’all get me from?”

Smith’s response was normal, telling young TJ that doctors got him out of his mother’s belly.

Then, hilarity ensued as TJ talked about how terrified he is to have to be born again, even though Smith was trying to let him know he won’t have to worry about that. Somehow, the conversation then just shifted to a fear of roller coasters, because kids are just unpredictable like that.

Torrey Smith's 3-year-old son TJ asked "Where did ya'll get me from?" and then Torrey filmed their conversation and it is SO CUTE 😂❤️

— Alysha Tsuji (@AlyshaTsuji) June 11, 2017

Kids say the darnedest things, right?

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