Joint Rolling Machine Fills A Mind-Boggling 100 Joints In Five Minutes

Marijuana is big business.
It’s due to be bigger business with counties and states across the country likely eyeing a softer stance on marijuana in the near future.
When that happens, here’s something that you’ll probably start seeing with some regularity.

That’s an impressive machine for a lot of reasons. For those dispensaries that intend on selling single-use marijuana cigarettes, this saves massive amounts of time. But lets not get ahead of ourselves here.
This machine isn’t rolling anything. It’s just filling a cone with marijuana and leaving the end of it open. That’s still cool, but let’s call it what it is. Someone is still going to have to twist the end of that thing at some point, or all your bud is gonna end up on the pleat of your pants.
This is the first version of a design like this, and it’s certainly an impressive ones. As new versions continue to be made and the design improved upon, this could become a mainstay in any dispensaries daily workflow.
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