Cincinnati Basketball's Mick Cronin: NBA Draft Rules 'Hint At Racism'

Discussions over the NBA Draft rules are in full swing. With many in collegiate basketball in favor of abolishing the old system, those in the NBA are hesitant to allow high school basketball players enter the draft again.
By the current rule, players are required to spend one year out of high school before being eligible to enter the draft.
That has lead to an alarming number of players enter the collegiate ranks, then bolting for the NBA after only one year. While some programs have embraced the “one-and-done” rule, the NBA has frowned on it.
One of the leading suggested changes is to institute a system similar to the one employed by Major League Baseball. Players would be allowed to enter the NBA right out of high school. However, if they chose to go to college, they’d need to stay there for at least three years.
They would be allowed to attend community college as long as they wished.
There have been a number of college coaches weighing in on the issue. Few have had a stronger take than Cinicinnati’s Mick Cronin. While speaking with CBS Sports’ Matt Norlander, the Bearcats basketball coach said that the current rules “hint at racism.”

“It hints at racism,” Cronin wrote in a text to CBS Sports. “Basketball players are black. Baseball predominantly white. Just how I see it. Why can one group be trusted to make decisions and the other is being regulated? No matter what the rules, people will make mistakes. That has been proven for both sports.”

The NBA Draft rule is due for an update. Those in the NBA, notably commissioner Adam Silver, would like to see the age increased to 20. If that were to happen, there might be an increased number of players inclined to skip college altogether and play abroad.
Brandon Jennings and Emmanuel Mudiay both took that route with excellent results.
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