LeBron James Posts Awkward Video Of Himself Working Out On Instagram

LeBron James is a three-time NBA Champion and one of the greatest players in the history of the league.
Everything he does is cool. Except this.
On Tuesday, The Spun noticed The King posted a video of himself going through one of his offseason workouts. It’s sure to make you feel uncomfortable throughout.
Something about the way the way that board in his hand jiggles back and forth adds enough constant movement to make everything seem way too still. There’s too much happening, and not enough happening, all at once.


LeBron’s uncomfortable glances towards the camera don’t help much either. Top it off with some spandex and an attempting to keep your balance on a medicine ball, and one watch is plenty. He’s still the king, but he might want to cool it with his social media presence since the NBA Finals ended.
Stuff like this is better off not being posted.
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