New UNLV Athletic Director Is Living In Student Dorms

UNLV Athletic Director Desiree Reed-Francois has made it priority number one to understand the environment her students are living in.
According to a report in USA Today, that’s why she took it upon herself to move into one of the college’s dormitories as soon as she became the new athletic director of the university.
Despite signing a contract worth $350,000 annually, the 45-year-old administrator willingly subjected herself to living like an 18-year-old student. Despite paying the $30 per day dorm fee, the benefits, she says, have been worth it.

“It’s been really interesting to get to know our students and when I met with a couple of recruits and their guardians, I was able to speak first-hand about what it’s like to live in a dorm,” Reed-Francois said.

Reed-Francois says it has been “a great experience,” though that’s hard to believe. Rewarding? Enlightening? Useful? Sure. Great? How can that be true?
Reed-Francois appears to be all business about her new position and has started meeting with each member of her 246 member staff individually.

Could this be the beginning of the emergence of UNLV as a collegiate sports super-power? Perhaps. Unlikely, but perhaps.
Reed-Francois seems like the type that puts her money where her mouth is. If her tenure as A.D. is as effective as it is ear-catching, the Rebels might be making a play for the nations top recruits in no time.
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