Steve Bannon Says White House Does Fewer Briefings Because Sean Spicer 'Got Fatter'

It’s been noted publicly that the White House was doing fewer press briefings than normal. Instead, off-camera gaggles have usurped their role. Most recently, reporters were told they were not to record audio audio of the gaggle, essentially making them “he said, she said” affairs.
An article published on Business Insider suggests it probably isn’t what you think.
According to Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, it has nothing to do with the Trump administrations paranoia. But instead offered a more pragmatic, human reason: White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer “got fatter.”
Speaking with a reporter from The Atlantic, Bannon replied to the question simply by saying “Sean got fatter.” He would not answer any follow up questions.
Sean Spicer may very well have gotten fatter, but the Trump administration has grown leery of any press they can not directly control. While multiple investigations are ongoing to determine whether there was collusion with Russia to sway the election, reporters have been given less access than ever to the White House.
All the secrecy lends itself to conspiratorial musings and frustration across the board. Many reporters feel there is no point to holding briefings or gaggles if they aren’t allowed to record them in any concrete way.
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