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You Probably Wouldn’t Survive This WWE Training Drill


Being a wrestler isn’t easy and a recent video from the WWE shows just how grueling it can be.

The WWE released a video that shows a workout from the WWE Performance Center and you have to be willing to push your body to the limit. In fact, most people who try to go through the drill have to peel themselves off the mat in a state of exhaustion they have never reached before.

One drill requires prospective wrestlers to bounce off the ropes, drop to the mat, leap over a bag and then jump back to their feet before continuing on and doing it all over again.

Check it out:

Yeah, you’re going to feel that the next morning.

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    Josh studied journalism at Seton Hill University. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Campus Sports. Josh is currently a member of the FWAA and USBWA. His work has been featured on Sports Illustrated,,, and many others.
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