Atlanta Braves Minor League Affiliate To Sell Dirt Tim Tebow Walked On

The cat got out of the bag about the Tim Tebow experiment in the New York Mets minor league system this weekend.
While Sandy Alderson was talking to a group of attendees at the SABR convention in New York on Friday, he admitted that signing Tebow was mostly a publicity stunt.
Now everyone is looking to cash in and make as much money off of Tebow’s name as possible.
Later in July, the Atlanta Braves’ Minor League affiliate will sell a VIP Package that includes a bottle of dirt that Tim Tebow will have walked on.

At 29 years old and in A-ball with a batting average just barely over the Mendoza line, Tebow might not ever make an appearance as a New York Met.
If you thought is NFL career was kind of sad, this is downright depressing. Tebow is being trotted around like a prize horse with a bum leg. He once believed it was his purpose in the world to be an NFL quarterback. Then he wanted to be a Major League Baseball player.
Really, all he’s done is make himself into more of a brand.
Tebow is easy to like, which is what led tot he Mets signing him in the first place. But this is getting embarrassing. Leave baseball and return to the broadcast booth before people forget you were a great college football player once upon a time.
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