The Pizza Bikini Is One-Of-A-Kind And Costs $10,000

Have you ever loved a food so much, you wanted to drape your body in it? Me neither.
But apparently someone felt that way about pizza, and because they felt that way, the “Pizza-kini” was born.
Made of 100 percent pizza, there is not a single stitch of fabric anywhere on the garment. It’s all bread, cheese, sauce, and pepperoni’s in this one-of-a-kind summer fun food swimsuit.

Speaking with the Huffington Post, here’s what the spokesperson had to say about the newest trend in food fashion sure to never be made again:

“The Pizza-Kini was custom fit to our model so there was no need for any fabric to be included,” a representative for Villa Italian Kitchen said via email (though we’re admittedly a bit skeptical). “The custom fitting is why the price tag is so high, we want to ensure the Pizza-Kini is perfectly fit to the body it’s on so it stays in place. We use a pizza dough braiding that goes around the bust and waist of the model, baked in to the pizza slices, holding the suit together.”

The price tag? A whopping ten grand.
That’s the price you pay for a custom made garb that can also become a disgusting, sweaty lunch when you’re done wearing.
I can’t really see many “average-Joe” types going for the pizza bikini. Or average-Jane’s for that matter. The huge price tag, coupled with the fact that you then have to wear it should be enough to deter most people. It’s cool to read about on the internet, but spending $10K for about 60-seconds of novelty is tough to justify, even for the most affluent.
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