VIDEO: This Guy Has The Best Announcer Voice Of All-Time

Chances are this guy is going to get an opportunity to do this for a living the way his videos are making the rounds.

There isn’t much that is known about him at this point, except that he sounds like the intro of game of Madden. Complete with background music and sound effects, this guy’s announcer voice game is pretty strong.

Check it out:

This is something most people watching sports like to do when they think nobody is listening. If there were a nickel to be had every time someone turned of the audio while watching a game and broadcast it themselves, it’d be enough copper to sink a ship.

Most of the time, it’s trash.

But give credit where credit is due, this guys voice is smooth and his cadence is easy to listen to.

How he’d do in an actual sound booth is a totally different story though. There is a lot more to be aware of than just watching the game and calling it. You have to keep an eye on the stat sheet, do a bunch of research before hand, and be prepared to handle the most unexpected turn of events in front of millions of ears. Who knows if he can handle all that.

But with a voice that is easy enough to listen to, someone should give him a shot.

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