Artist Creates An Eerily Realistic Bust Of Andre The Giant

Andre the Giant continues to find ways to permeate American culture. Over two-decades since his passing, his prodigious stature continues to capture the imagination of countless artists around the world. Shepard Fairey rode his OBEY stickers with Andre the Giant’s face on them all the way to fame and fortune.
Could Trent Taft be on his way to the same fate? If staying true to the image of Andre the Giant is a determining factor, it’s only a matter of time.
The artist posted pictures of the bust he made of Andre the Giant on his personal Instagram page. The special effects specialist created a bust that is so realistic, it’s a little creepy.

The bust is almost too real. It’s eery. In your mind, you realize it’s just latex, and certainly Andre the Giant would be a lot taller if it were real (7-foot-4), but his skin looks so real.
Each hair was individually placed on his head and eyebrows, meaning Taft meticulously crafted this look over several months of diligent work.
The world might not ever see the combination of Andre the Giant’s size, stature, and charisma again. But with Trent Taft creating shoulders up lookalikes like this, it’ll be impossible to forget the indelible mark he left behind.
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