Julio Jones Hires Dive Team To Find $150K Diamond Earring

It’s good sense to take off any jewelry before going into the water. Things fall off, and as careful as you might be, accidents happen. When the jewelry is valued at $150,000, anything short of putting it in a lockbox before hand is downright irresponsible.
Well, you’ll never guess what happened to Julio Jones.
“Yeah, it was worth a little bit,” Julio Jones said.
The Atlanta NBC affiliate is reporting that the former Alabama wide receiver and current Falcons franchise cornerstone lost his diamond earring while riding his jet ski on Lake Lanier.
Determined to get the piece of jewelry back, he hired professional divers to comb the 65-foot deep floor.
The search came up fruitless.
The Pro Bowl wide receiver might have the funds to purchase another earring just like it, but that’s hardly the point. Even when you’re making good on a $71 million contract, $150K isn’t chump change.
Jones expressed that he isn’t concerned considering it’s “materialistic stuff.” A great attitude to have when you materialistic stuff worth more than what most people make in a year.
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Photo Credit: Twitter

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