Madden 18 Rookie Ratings: Players React To EA Sports Ratings

EA Sports’ Madden 18 is set to release on Aug. 25.
Ahead of the games launch, player ratings will be released and there will be instant reaction. For a handful of rookie NFL players, they got an early look at their ratings in a hilarious video released by EA Sports on social media.
The players were asked to predict their own ratings, before learning the actual scores.
Needless to say, some players weren’t too happy.
The rookies then responded to the ratings by assigning emojis, and some of the reactions were hilarious.

Leonard Fournette’s prediction of a 97 overall was a bit ambitious, while Alvin Kamara wasn’t too pleased with his catch rating. You also have Mitch Trubisky, who barely cracked 70 overall and was none too pleased.
The good news for everyone is that they will have all season to boost their rankings in the weekly roster updates and for next year’s edition of the popular franchise.
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