Ohio State, Oklahoma State Embroiled In 'OSU' Trademark Dispute

If you hear the sentence: “OSU killed em’ today,” what school are you thinking of? That’s the basis of the trademark that Ohio State has filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office. Oklahoma State has filed an extension on the trademark request, and plans to formally object to the request to trademark the acronym that applies to both universities.
The trademarking request that Ohio State has filed is specific to clothing and apparel that features “OSU.”
For years, the OSU’s across the country have had concurrent user agreements allowing each to brand and sell apparel featuring the acronym geographically. With the schools located in opposite parts of the country, including Oregon State, there was little overlap with their fan base.
Oklahoma State has until the end of August to formally file their complaint and make their case.
Speaking with the Columbus Dispatch, Ohio State spokesman Chris Davey wanted to be sure the attempt to trademark the acronym isn’t being taken personally.

“This isn’t a conflict of schools,” Davey said. “This is the type of item that arises from time to time in (administering) a trademark.”

The agreements in place between the universities have existed since the 70’s, and have worked well for all involved, according to Oklahoma State spokesman Gary Shutt. Now OSU wants the lion share of the trademarking rights.
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