Referee Group Cuts Ties With Adidas After LaVar Ball's Actions

LaVar Ball continues to make headlines while he coaches the AAU team featuring his youngest son, LaMelo, and it’s all because of his interactions with referees throughout multiple tournaments.
First, we had Ball pull his team from the court and forfeit a playoff game in Las Vegas because he felt the officiating was unfair — even though his team was winning.
Then, most recently, Ball petitioned to have a female ref removed from a game after receiving a technical foul.
Ball got his wish, and a referee association is not happy. In fact, following the incident, they have announced they are cutting ties with adidas. The association had been providing the referees for the adidas Uprising Summer Championships.

“The events that led to the removal of a female official on Friday are something that shall not and will not be accepted within the officiating community,” Court Club Elite told ESPN.
“Adidas and their leadership acted in a manner that does not parallel our views on integrity or professionalism, and neither should be compromised as they were in this situation. It was clear that the actions of the official in enforcing and addressing unsporting behavior were defendable and fitting of the behavior displayed; however, the agenda and lack of courage to do the right thing by Adidas leadership sent a clear message that the game and those chosen to protect the integrity were not of priority.”
It’s good to see people beginning to stand up to LaVar Ball.
It’s one thing to hype up your kids and make ridiculous claims in the media that are based in fantasy, but it’s another to force a referee to be removed because you simply didn’t like a few calls. Who would have guessed a team of 15- and 16-year-olds could handle adversity better and with more maturity than their coach?
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