Valparaiso's Markus Golder Hits The Longest Shot You've Ever Seen

Valparaiso JUCO transfer Markus Golder was putting in the work after practice, and it produced one of the most impossibly long heaves you’ve ever seen.
As if the distance weren’t enough, it managed to find the bottom of the net.
When you can do things like this, you’ll never lose a game of H-O-R-S-E in your life.

That’s not even full court. That’s beyond full court. It’s so far you can barely hear the reaction of the people who are standing by the net when they see that the ball goes in. Coolest part about it all is the way Golder handles it.
No excessive cheering or gloating, very “all in a days work” type attitude.
Golder has yet to appear in a game for Valparaiso, but with stunts like these he’ll ingratiate himself to the social media loving fanbase very quickly. How much this skill translates to the actual game is debatable. Golder will be seeing a jump in talent and competition on the other side coming from JUCO, but given that this is the first introduction that most of us have been given to him, no reason to start doubting him.
I could watch that thing arc towards the basket on repeat for hours.
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[H/T: Mid-Major Madness]

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