VIDEO: Hawaii Football Player Gets Scholarship While Hypnotized In Front Of Team

It’s that time of year. With football season on the way, teams are giving out the last of their scholarships this season to walk-on players that have proven themselves through heir hard work and effort. It’s become customary for some of the more fun-embracing schools to give the athletes their scholarships in some kind of elaborate, or public way.
No one has raised it to an art form more than the Hawaii football program.
Last season, they gave a scholarship away while the team visited the zoo. Warriors coach Nick Rolovich also put one at the top of the high dive for Brodie Nakama to find when he climbed to the top.
On Monday, the Hawaii Football Twitter handle posted a video of linebacker Max Broman being awarded his full scholarship.
Best part, it happened while he was “hypnotized.”

Say what you will about hypnotism, it looked like the players were having a lot of fun. Sure, they might have all just been playing along for the fun of it, but what does that have to do with it? The team bonding that actual hypnotism might have brought was achieved equally with the fun they had watching one of their fellow Warriors get his scholarship opportunity.
This is the best time of the year for videos of watching hardworking student-athletes across the country get rewarded with a totally free education for all of their diligent effort.
Hypnotized or not, Broman must feel like he’s walking on clouds after being awarded a full-ride scholarship to the University of Hawaii.
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