Michael Bisping Has Vacation From Hell, Robbed Twice & Nearly Drowns











Life at the top is tough when you are a professional MMA fighter. Other fighters always want to take a shot at you, verbally then physically. For Michael Bisping, it’s all in a days work.
He beats people up for a living and he’s damn good at it.
But on his recent family vacation to Maui, Hawaii, the vacation destination nearly made the champ tap into submission.
Bisping recounted the entire ordeal while appearing on the latest episode of his Believe You Me podcast.

“We walked up to the car, and [son] Callum said ‘someone smashed the window,’” Bisping said. “I thought he was kidding, ‘the little f—ker,’ but lo and behold, [someone] smashed the window. My wife had left her bag in the trunk, [they] smashed the window, grabbed that and all the clothing, of course we were swimming, so I just had a tiny pair of shorts on, my wife was in a bikini.”

It didn’t end there. The Count continued to use the damaged vehicle when it was the subject of another robbery, this time while it had been valet parked.
With an already broken window and valuables in the car, it was an easy target for thieves.
But perhaps the scariest incident of all of them took place later in the vacation. Bisping describes an instance that almost cost him his life. While paddle boarding with his daughter and two older women, Bisping says they were swept away by strong winds and were having difficulty getting back to land.
When a boat finally pulled up to help them, Bisping told his daughter to get on board with the two older women. He, whoever, decided to stay behind.

“Me being a macho d–khead, I go ‘yeah yeah yeah I’m fine, I’ll swim back,’ because I assume there’s no room for me. So they all disappear, go off in the distance and I’m thinking ‘I don’t f—-ng believe this, me, and my ego, rather than just say ‘I need help also,’ I’m going to drown now.”

Luckily, Bisping was able to make his way back to the safety of dry land.
With the worst vacation you could possibly imagine behind him now, he’ll turn his attention to his upcoming title defense. Bisping is expected to meet Georges St. Pierre in the Octagon at UFC 217 on Nov. 4 in New York City.
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