John Oliver, Weird Al Yankovich Give Accordion-Fueled Plea To North Korea

You might have heard a little bit about the tension between the United States and North Korea. The leaders of both countries have exchanged threats, with President Donald Trump threatening North Korea with “fire and fury.”
Those comments have sparked an outcry of “please stop this guy before we are all killed!” by the American people, and he doesn’t appear to be stopping there.
While there is plenty to be concerned and angry about, it’s good to get a break from it every now and again. John Oliver has excelled at it since getting his own weekly show on HBO. This week, in light of all the threats of nuclear warfare with North Korea, he decided to use his platform to plea to them directly.
Apparently they love the accordion in North Korea. Oliver can’t play the according himself, but as he says on his show, he know’s someone who “can play it like a f***king angel.” Weird Al Yankovich!
Skip ahead to 23 minutes if you only want to watch the performance by Weird Al.
As usual, the entire episode was great, and if you have a chance to watch the whole thing, you should.

These are scary, trying, and tumultuous times in the United States. There doesn’t appear to be an end coming anytime soon.
As Weird Al says, “Please don’t nuke us North Korea / Right now we’re all a little tense / Believe me, we don’t hate you / Frankly, we don’t think that much about you, no offense.”
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