Three Strangers With Different Political Backgrounds Get High & Talk It Out

You might have heard that political and racial tensions are running high in the United States right now. There appear to be more problems with fewer answers than ever before.
After eight years of thinking the country had overcome most of its racist underpinnings, it didn’t take long for it to unravel.
The program “Strange Buds” has a common theme in each of their episodes: People from different walks of life smoking marijuana together. It usually makes for some compelling, albeit slow and disjointed conversation.
On their latest episode, they got three participants who lean in different directions politically to partake of the ganja and discuss the treacherous political landscape and racial divide in the country.
The conversation starts off as charged as you might expect, but tempers eventually give way to munchies and understanding.

It appears the one thing everyone can agree on is that they aren’t a fan of the way President Donald Trump is doing his job. The three parties ascribe different amounts of blame to the role he is playing in driving the country apart, but none voted for him.
People are in jail for smoking weed. Just wanted to throw that in there.
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