Kevin Sumlin's Wife Shares Racist Letter Sent To Family's Home

Over the weekend, Texas A&M football coach Kevin Sumlin watched his team blow a 44-10 lead in the second half against UCLA.
Following the game, there were immediate calls for Sumlin to lose his job, including a lengthy Facebook rank from one angry Texas A&M regent. However, what happened to Sumlin this week goes far beyond a game.
On Thursday evening, Sumlin’s wife Charlene took to social media to share a disgusting and disturbing, racist letter that was sent to the family’s home.
The letter read:

You suck as a coach!
You’re a n***er and can’t win!
Please get lost! Or else

Charlene Sumlin shared the photo along with the message, “People of 2017: please tell me how any part of this is ok. And to the sender: did it occur to you that a child may open it?”
This is disgusting in every sense of the word.
The coward who wrote and sent the letter to the Sumlin’s should be ashamed and hopefully there will be some way to track down the person responsible. After all, using a racial slur is never okay and threatening violence is a criminal offense.
This is 2017, people. Let’s do better and not resort to these actions over a little game.

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