Houston's Hurricane Harvey Relief Donations Put On Hold By NCAA

The NCAA gets a lot of bad press for having rules that are difficult not to violate. Some of it is warranted. Some of it is not. But this time, they have nobody but themselves to blame for looking foolish.
Houston basketball coach Kelvin Sampson went above and beyond in his efforts to collect clothes and shoes for those who were in need. The efforts went viral, and Sampson ended up having a lot of items that would have been endlessly useful to a lot of people in need.
Instead, the NCAA stepped in to make sure that no highly prized recruit got a free t-shirt out this hurricane relief drive.
According to a report on KHOU, Sumlin can’t give away any of the merchandise without the possibility of opening himself up to an NCAA investigation.

“They don’t want us sending all this nice gear to the top recruit in Houston,” said Lauren Dubois, senior associate athletics director for UH. “But, obviously that is not our intention at all.”

The NCAA eventually relented, allowing Houston to give away the items to whoever was in need. But after putting their precious rules above the well-being of people who might have just lost every earthly possession, saying they look selfish is putting it mildly.

Of course, that was only after the public started to catch wind of the red tape that was keeping Houston from donating to the flood victims.
Nobody was thinking about recruiting except you, NCAA.
The entire organization is like a thief who is paranoid to of getting robbed.

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Photo Credit: Twitter

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