Kentucky QB Stephen Johnson's Battle With Tourettes Serves As An Inspiration

You never know what people are going through.
Every Saturday, people from all over the country gather around their television (or rather computers/tablets) to take in the weekends action of football. For many of the fans, it’s easy to forget that the freak-of-nature athletes we see running down the field at blazing speed are people just like us. You never know what they are going through.
For Stephen Johnson, his battle with Tourettes Syndrome has been a lifelong struggle. He continues to define the narrative of his own story, rather than have Tourettes do it for him. But that isn’t enough for him.
The signal-caller also serves as a inspiration to one particular young boy who faces the same struggles Johnson did as a child.
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Too often upper-echelon athlete forget how much kids really look up to them. For Sam Doster, having someone who has achieved so much have gone through the same struggles he currently faces is an endless inspiration.
You can see his father’s face beam with joy and appreciation for all of Stephen’s help and attention.
With all the negative press that makes the headlines, it’s easy to forget how much good is done with the profile these young-adults are given.
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