LaVar Ball Explains Why He Pulled LaMelo Out Of High School

LaMelo Ball better hope his basketball career results in millions of dollars, because if it doesn’t, he’s in a lot of trouble. News that the polarizing figurehead of the Big Baller Brand, LaVar Ball, had pulled his youngest son LaMelo out of high school spread like wildfire.
LaVar intends to homes chool LaMelo for his final two years of high school before he is ready to attend UCLA.
Speaking with Ramona Shelburne, he gave his reasons why it was the best move for his son.
LaVar clashed with Chino Hills coach Stephan Gilling last year, and the school fired him shortly after. Chino Hills then hired  Dennis Latimore to replace him, only to find that LaVar didn’t get along well with him either.
Apparently he wasn’t pleased with Lattimore telling LaMelo that he wouldn’t be taking 50 shots a game anymore.
“He (Latimore) came in with his own mindset. Like he was gonna change the whole program. I told him, ‘We lost three games in three years. C’mon, man,” Ball said. “What are you bringing to the table?’
“He said he played at Arizona. He said he played at Notre Dame. But he didn’t tell nobody he sat on the bench the whole time and had to transfer.”

Throughout the brief interview, Ball had an answer for everything, each more ridiculous than the last.
When Shelburne pressed him on whether he taught them traditional school subjects, LaVar listed his son’s travel itinerary.

“Who do you think taught Lonzo, ‘Gelo and all them?” LaVar said. “Don’t act like I can’t be educated too. I can teach them anything: Math, science, sociology. The only difference is with Melo, when he does geography, he’s really going to be there. He’s gonna be in China, Italy. He’s gonna be all over there.”

The NCAA does require a certain curriculum to qualify for home-schooled students to be eligible to compete in D-I athletics. LaVar doesn’t appear worried about LaMelo meeting these requirements, and it’s easy to understand why.
For as loud and bombastic as he may be, he’s not an idiot. He’s building an entire brand around his three basketball playing sons, and he isn’t going to jeopardize that investment by failing to meet certain requirements set by the NCAA.
But if LaMelo ever had any doubts over playing basketball for the rest of his life, he might as well put them out of his head now. His dad just made the decision for him as absolutely as possible.

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