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Columbus Day Memes: Funny Photos, Best Jokes & Images


It’s Columbus Day 2017.

While a controversial holiday, Columbus Day remains a state and federal holiday that celebrates a moment very important in American history.

There are four states that don’t celebrate Columbus Day — Alaska, Vermont, Hawaii and South Dakota — opting instead for alternative holidays. Alaska and Vermont celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day, while South Dakota observes Native American Day. Hawaii, meanwhile, celebrates Discoverers’ Day.

What Is Columbus Day?

Columbus Day first begin in 1792 in New York as an Italian-American heritage celebration. It was not until 1937 that President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared Columbus Day a federal holiday.

Columbus Day commemorates the landing of Christopher Columbus, an Italian explorer who mistakenly thought he was exploring China, India and the  gold and spice islands of Asia, in America. Observances and celebrations vary.

Are Banks Open On Columbus Day?

It will depend on your bank. Chase, TD Bank and Wells Fargo have announced they will be open for the holiday, while Bank of America, Santander, and PNC Bank are among the branches that will be closed.

Be sure to check your local branch for hours before making the trip.

Is The Post Office Open On Columbus Day?

Post offices will be closed to observe Columbus Day and mail will not be delivered.

However, UPS and FedEx will be making deliveries throughout the day.

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