Donald Trump Criticizes NFL For Not Forcing Players To Stand For Anthem


Photo Credit: Ron Sachs/picture-alliance/Cover Images

Donald Trump is once again using his Twitter fingers to wage war against the NFL.

After a group of players and NFL owners got together at the league offices to have an honest discussion about players using their platform to raise awareness for social injustice and find ways to make a positive impact, Trump was upset that the league didn’t listen to his suggestion.

If you remember, the president made the protests a national story when he said any “son of a b***” who kneels should be fired.

Well, the NFL isn’t having any of that.

After the meeting between owners and players, there was no resolution and there was no decision to force players to stand while the national anthem is played.

That led to Trump responding the way he does to any news or actual crisis: tweeting.

According to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, the meeting had a focus on “getting back into our communities and trying to make our communities better.”

Sorry, Donald, first the NFL didn’t want you to own a team and now they don’t want to listen to your suggests on how to make progress towards equality and justice for all.

Now we just have to wonder which NFL game Trump will send Mike Pence to next.

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