WWE TLC 2017: 13 Things You Need To Know

WWE TLC is around the corner.
This event, more than others, has the ability to draw viewers that normally don’t watch the WWE. Thanks to the sheer madness and demolition that takes place at the event, even the casual observer is bound to be entertained.
With broken tables, ladders, and chairs abounding, WWE TLC takes the most daring and dangerous fighters and puts them to the ultimate test.
From it’s origins as a Dudley Boys, and Edge-Test brutal high-flying circus, to this year bringing back an old fan favorite Kurt Angle, TLC offers something unique and spectacular that other events don’t.


This is the ninth time the event will officially be known by the TLC moniker, but the beginnings of the event trace back to the late 90’s.
Last year there were a total of five tables broken during the event. Expect more this year, as huge PPV numbers are expected and the WWE sees the opportunity to win over a lot of new fans.
WWE: TLC is available on pay-per-view on Sunday at 8:00 p.m. ET.
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WWE TLC: 10 Most Extreme Moments To Get You Hyped