VIDEO: Insane Volleyball Return Will Make You Believe In Superheroes

Remember the name Autumn Finney, because she might come flying in to save you from danger when you need her most.
In a video that captivated the internet for a brief period of time, the Decatur High School volleyball player goes soaring through the air and manages to return the volley to keep the rally going.
For the select few that were huddled into the Texas gymnasium to see it in person, it was a startling and sudden display of athleticism.
Here’s a look at it from every available angle:

Holy cow indeed.
The highlight of the play was obviously the impressive leap and return, but did you watch to see what happened after that? Finney rushes back into the thick of play and makes several more impressive plays before the rally is over.
If she doesn’t already have a standing offer to play volleyball on a full ride to several major universities, expect that to change in a hurry.
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