Colin Kaepernick's Attorney: NFL Team Will Sign Him Within Next 10 Days

Colin Kaepernick remains a free agent.
The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback has issued a lawsuit against the NFL alleging team owners have colluded to keep him out of the league, but if his agent’s recent comments are any indication, that could come to an end soon.
On Tuesday morning, Kaepernick’s attorney Mark Geragos appeared on The Adam Carola Show.
During his appearance, Geragos made the claim that he believes Kaepernick will no longer be unemployed within the next ten days.
That seems like an aggressive timeline, but you never know what to expect in the NFL.
“Within the next 10 days somebody will sign him,” Geragos told Carolla, via Krusty Sox Sports. “I think the NFL has to come to their senses and realize every day that goes by just proves the collusion case even more.”

“There is a public/private aspect to this in that they’re playing in municipal stadiums when the President is threatening there will be tax consequences. That’s public action and public action gives you even a more heightened protection. Ultimately I think they will come to their senses and somebody is going to sign him.”
If Kaepernick does get the call, there are a handful of intriguing options.
The backup quarterback job in New England recently opened after the Patriots traded Jimmy Garoppolo to Kaepernick’s old team, the San Francisco 49ers. The Green Bay Packers could also be an intriguing option, with the team located near Kaepernick’s hometown of Milwaukee and the team being without star quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who is dealing with a broken collarbone.
You also have the Indianapolis Colts, which are without Andrew Luck, who may never return to the franchise.
And then, there’s the Cleveland Browns. What do they have to lose?
It will be interesting to see whether Geragos’ come to fruiting and whether Kapernick ultimately lands a job in the NFL this season. If he does, there are going to be a lot of happy fans quickly rushing out to buy their new Kap jersey.

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