AJ Green Punches & Chokes Jalen Ramsey After Being Shoved To The Ground

You don’t see many brawls in football. The game is so violent, and provides so many opportunities for retribution within the confines of the game, coming to blows is rare.
On Sunday, star wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals, AJ Green, couldn’t take it anymore. After Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey shoved him to the ground between plays, Green got up and a fight ensued.

AJ Green, apparently inspired by Georges St-Pierre’s performance at UFC 217 on Saturday night, will┬ádefinitely draw a fine for the league.
Both players have been ejected, and Green could face further disciplinary action, including a suspension. Not only did he throw two punches at Ramsey’s helmet, he was also choked him before throwing him to the ground.
After players from both sides come rushing over, Green throws one more punch, though it’s unclear where, or if it landed.
Although uncommon, fights like these aren’t totally unheard off. It wasn’t so long ago that University of Miami product Andre Johnson gave cornerback Cortland Finnegan the business after Finnegan picked an ill-advised fight with him.

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