VIDEO: Miami Cop Knocks Out Miami Football Fan

The University of Miami beat a talented Virginia Tech handily on Saturday night. In front of a national television audience, the Hurricanes dominated in all phases of the game and their offense moved the ball as well as it has all season.
With their impressive performance, Kirk Herbstreit put them as the sixth team in the race for four College Football Playoff spots.
Despite all of this, the buzz around the league wasn’t from the Hurricanes play on the field, but what happened in the stands.
Police officers were attempting to remove a drunk and belligerent Miami fan from the stands. Three officers forcibly removed her by picking her up and carrying her out.
That’s when she started to flail her arms wildly, eventually striking a police officer in the face. The officer turned and struck at the drunk fan, knocking her out cold immediately.
If you watched this video and thought: “She shouldn’t be hitting an officer, she deserved it,” shame on you. If you watched it and thought: “The officer should be fired and charged with assault!” Shame on you, too.
The point is, no matter what your reaction is, feel some shame.
The video has sparked a lot of division on how the situation should have been handled. On Sunday, Miami-Dade Police Detective Alvaro Zabaleta said the department was looking into the video to make sure that proper procedure was taken in the incident.
The woman being carried out by the officers is Bridget Freitas, a 30-year old nurse who has been charged with felony battery on a police officer.
As of now, the police officers full name have not been released, and it is not believed that Freitas spent the night in jail.

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