Ric Flair '30 for 30' Draws Huge Viewership For Premiere






The Nature Boy documentary pulled in big, big numbers for it’s premier on Wednesday. What else would you expect? The ESPN streaming service is reporting a whopping total of 1.8 million viewers, constituting a 78 percent increase over the average viewership for a 30 for 30 premiere in 2017.
The film benefited from a confluence of different factors that helped promote it and drum up interest. In addition to Charlotte Flair’s recent ascendence to the top of the world of professional wrestling, Flair triumphantly pulled through a close call with his health.
The film features interviews with Flair, his daughter, and a number of people who have influenced and been influenced by him throughout his life.
The eye-popping number is the most that ESPN has pulled in for a 30 for 30 since the Catholics vs. Convicts documentary premiered and pulled in 2.1 million viewers.
Flair was on hand at the Atlanta premier, and is a big fan of the documentary itself. If you happened to miss the premiere, do yourself a favor and watch it ASAP. Regardless of your interest in wrestling, Flair’s life was wildly interesting and rife with drama.
Nature Boy has all the makings of an instant 30 for 30 classic, and the viewership numbers suggest exactly that.
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