Kennesaw State's 'Turnover Plank' Combines Latest Football Trend & Nickelodeon

The University of Miami is hoping that the national audience watching the game this evening will see the turnover chain often. They’re taking on the Notre Dame fighting Irish in the marquee matchup of the week, and “Turnover Chain” sightings would likely equal a Hurricanes victory.
The chain has spawned countless imitations around college football.
There is a hammer, a lunchbox, trashcan’s, belts and countless other knockoffs of the original. Kennesaw State has their own turnover prop that hasn’t gotten nearly the publicity that others have.
That ends now.
Meet the “Turnover Plank:”

There is something about this piece of wood that I can’t put my finger on.
Something very familiar. Ah yes, it appears to be at least in part a descendant of “Plank,” the inanimate character from the now defunct Nickelodeon TV show Ed, Edd, and Eddy.

Kennesaw State takes their plank seriously, and whenever he makes an appearance it means things are going well for the Owls.
They consider him part of the team, so it’s no surprised he showed up for their game dressed in a shirt and tie like the rest of the squad.

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