VIDEO: Iowa State WR Allen Lazard Makes Incredible TD Catch

It’s a shootout between the Oklahoma State Cowboys and the Iowa State Cyclones. In a game where the Cowboys were expected to take care of business against Iowa State, the Cyclones are making plays and hanging around long enough to give themselves a shot to win.
You can thank Allen Lazard for doing everything he can to keep the Cyclones in the game. He made an incredible catch in the end zone, tipping the ball to himself and keeping his feet down long enough to establish possession.

The play was called a touchdown on the field, and Lazard has the catch of the week so far.
Of course, it won’t count for much more than a pretty number on the stat line if the Cyclones fail to pull off the upset.
Lazard is a 6-foot-5 senior who has seen some playing time every year since arriving on campus. He had a breakout season in 2016, pulling in more than 1,000 yards receiving and seven touchdowns. His number have taken a dip as a senior, but his raw tools should be enough to convince an NFL team to gamble on him during the next NFL Draft.

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