WATCH: Donald Trump Jr. Lifts 375 Pounds With The Worst Form You Will Ever See

If somebody doesn’t step in soon, Donald Trump Jr. is going to blow out his back.
This week, the favorite son of Donald Trump took to social media to show off his new personal deadlift record. Don Jr. was feeling himself and wanted to boast to his followers.
After all, that is the Trump way.
So Don Jr. shared the video of his 375 pound lift. There was one problem, though. It was immediately clear that no one has ever shown him proper form in his life.
He’s lucky he wasn’t injured.
Just go ahead and watch the video, and you’ll be holding your breath the entire time, too. It just looks painful.
Oh, and Junior, stop skipping leg day.

None of that mattered to Don, though, because he gave an epic first pump and went on his way.
Nothing can shake a Trump’s confidence.
[H/T: Bro Bible]
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