LaVar Ball Is Going To Send Donald Trump ZO2's So He Can 'Calm Down A Little Bit'

LaVar Ball is beating Donald Trump at his own game, not that he’ll admit that there is a game being played in the first place. “What game?” Ball exclaims loudly while speaking to TMZ reporters on his way back to his car.
The bombastic figurehead of the Ball family is making a fortune building a brand around the basketball talents of his three sons. While only Lonzo is playing in the NBA, LaVar has somehow managed to make the Big Baller Brand a thing, and there appears to be no slowing down the Ball family brand.
LaVar managed to turn his son being arrested for shoplifting in China, into $13 million worth of free advertising for the Big Baller Brand.
And his beef with president Donald Trump has done wonders to thrust his family back into the spotlight.

Another thing that LaVar doesn’t get credit for is the way he works the media when he isn’t expecting them. It must get annoying to constantly have reporters thrusting a camera in his face, but he manages to avoid snapping at them, or giving a “no comment” type response. Quite the contrary, he engages them.
Love him or hate him, he makes it nearly impossible to ignore him. And that’s good for his business.

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