Two Colorado Football Fans Share Bond Beyond Than The Pigskin

The Colorado Buffaloes aren’t the most dominant football program on the field. But what they lack in on the field prowess, their fans make up for in passion.
After one Buffaloes season ticket holder was diagnosed with terminal kidney failure, she was in desperate need of a donor.
Those in need of organ transplants have been known to wait for years on transplants lists. Many pass before they’re able to get to the top of the list and get the transplant they need to save their life.
Without a direct donation, their fate is often a tragic one.
Char Synder was facing dialysis, and if she didn’t get a transplant soon, a fate she didn’t even want to think about. That’s when a friendship she made watching college football would prove to be the difference in life and death for her.
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It’s easy to get lost in the pageantry and passion that makes college football so great. But stories like these serve as a remind that they’re just a game.
What really matters is the way football, and any other sport for that matter, connect people.
If it weren’t for football, in a roundabout way, Synder might not be alive today.
That’s the power of sports in action.

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