Lindsay McCormick: NFL Network Exec Asked If I Planned On Getting Knocked Up

Lindsay McCormick, a television sports reporter and host, is the latest to come forward accusing the NFL Network of wrongdoing.
The network is facing major sexual misconduct allegations from wardrobe stylist Jami Cantor in a wrongful termination lawsuit. The allegations have led to the NFL Network suspending Marshall Faulk, Ike Taylor, and Heath Evans; ESPN suspending Donovan McNabb and Eric Davis; and former NFL Network executive Eric Weinberger being placed on indefinite leave by The Ringer.
McCormick’s allegations against the network, however, are different.
In a lengthy Instagram post, McCormick details a job interview with NFL Network where she was discriminated against and asked if she “planned on getting knocked up.”
McCormick did not publicly name the person, but did mention he has since been removed from the network.

“I’ve been quiet about this for too long,” McCormick wrote. “In my last interview with NFL Network a few years ago, the head of hiring talent said to me, ‘If we hire you, do you plan on getting knocked up immediately like the rest of them?’” ‘Them’ as in badass working women who deserve to have a family life as well? ‘Them’ as the women who work their tails off to be taken seriously in a man’s world? Or ‘them’ who bring you a new audience and a tremendous amount of viewership? Because while I don’t plan on ‘getting knocked up,’ I do plan on being like the rest of those brilliant women that our future daughters will one day look up to and see you can have it all.
“Kudos to NFL Network for eventually removing this man from his position and for the actions they’ve taken this week.”
The NFL Network has not publicly commented on McCormick’s allegations.
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