61-Year-Old Grandpa Joins Bellevue University Golf Team

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A Bellevue University freshman is making history as one of the oldest athletes in the history of college athletics.
Don Byers, a 61-year-old grandpa, is one of seven athletes on the Bellevue men’s golf team for the 2017-18 season. Byers carries a one handicap, and the rest of his teammates were recruited from Latin America.
Byers is a former baseball player who was recruited to play in the 1970’s. Unfortunately, Byers blew out his arm and was taken off scholarship so he joined the workforce.
Now, he’s a college athlete.
“Nobody believes it,” Byers said of his friends’ reaction to the news, via WOWT News. “They all laugh and then once they figure out it’s for real they are 100 percent behind me.”
“There are only so many spots on the team. I’ve told them my hay day was 40 years ago, these kids are trying to get to the next level so I really admire them. I’m not trying to steal there press or anything just having a lot of fun with them and hopefully I can help them out.”
Just to show how awesome Byers is, he had this to say about his age: “I’ll just have to compete and I guess the ball doesn’t know who’s hitting it.”
We’re all rooting for you, Don.
Bellevue University resumes its season in March in Las Vegas.
[H/T: Sports Illustrated]
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