CNN's Randi Kaye Had A Marijuana Filled New Year's Eve Celebration

CNN’s Randi Kaye was America’s favorite news anchor not named Don Lemon on New Year’s Eve, thanks to her incredible assignment from the network to ring in 2018.
Kaye enjoyed New Year’s Eve with a bunch of marijuana enthusiasts in Denver, Colorado in a celebration that began on a “Canni-bus” tour filled with people partaking in the simple joys of life.
When CNN New Year’s Live co-hosts Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen first cut to Kaye, one eager stoner was ready for his television cameo.
As soon as Kaye appeared on camera, the man behind her sparked a bowl and the contact high began.

That guy wasn’t done, either.
Later in the night, Kaye again appeared on the bus, this time showing everyone how to use a gas mask bong. Since she wasn’t going to inhale on screen, she once again called on her reliable stoner to show the world how it was done.

After the bus ride stopped, Kaye made her way to a “Puff, Pass and Paint” party.
She began reporting live from the scene with a joint in hand, before showing off the artwork people were making along with another smoking apparatus.
New Year’s Eve really is about enjoying the simple things in life.

We can’t wait to see what CNN does next year.
But hey, Randi Kaye, if you need a partner in crime next year, I’ll be available.
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