LISTEN: Cowboys WR Cole Beasley Drops Rap Track & It's Not Terrible

If you didn’t know that Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley enjoyed rapping in his free time, don’t worry. No one else seemed to have the slightest clue either.
However, this week the receiver dropped a brand new rap track titled “80 Stings.”
Beasley announced the track with a statement on social media saying that it is a song off of his upcoming first album that is set to be released later this spring.
Apparently Beasley has been rapping as a hobby for quite some time, but now he’s finally ready for the world to listen.

Perhaps the most surprising thing is that the track is actually not that bad.
In fact, it received great reviews from one of his Cowboys teammates, star running back Ezekiel Elliott.

You can listen to Beasley’s debut single in the video above.
I definitely didn’t think that Cole Beasley would be the first NFL player to drop a rap album this offseason, but the world is always full of surprises.

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